DJ KING: Hey everybody, it’s your boy DJ King tuning into the Circle of Kings radio, so today I have a special guest with me and with pleasure I want to introduce and welcome the beautiful and upcoming model Shawnii j…. Hey Shawnii J what’s going on? how you doing?

SHAWNII: Hey DJ King I’m feeling good , Thank you so much for having me here .

DJ KING: Of course it’s a pleasure to have you here, so Shawnii J give us a little background about yourself.

SHAWNII: Well I am a highly skilled multi published professional model. I invest most of my time in photo shoots, video shoots, hosting parties & promotional modeling. I was born in Germany but I was mostly raised in new Orleans, but right now I live in Colorado.

DJ KING: What do you want people to see when they look at your photos?

SHAWNII: When people see my photos I want them to see that I have the power to stand with elegance in the classiest pieces and the personality to rock the diversity of today’s urban swag. Also that I treasure diverse experiences as well as representing and promoting the rise of curvaceous beautiful ebony women.