loud boys.jpeg

Dj king: Yeah it’s your boy Dj King and I’m excited about this interview. I’m here with creative genius self made Loud Boys. So tell us what the name is all about

Loud boys: Loud means Living Out Your Dreams

Dj King: I like it, how long have you been doing this?

Loud boys: I’ve been doing this for about 5, 6 years

Dj King: What inspired you to get into fashion?

Loud boys: I’ve loved fashion since I was a kid. I think I’m fly and I can be a stylist

Dj King: What direction you want to take your brand

Loud boys: I want my brand to be a brand that’s not mass produced. I want it to have a limited quantity of certain items.

Dj King: Where you see your brand in the next 3 years?

Loud boys: Hopefully in a boutiques or have my own store.

Dj king: Thanks for the interview