DJ king: hey is your boy dj king from fire kings sound/circle of kings radio here with a next model…@mz_tastikakez How did you get introduced into your modeling question

@mz_tastikakez: I when into the modeling business when i met a great friend of mine. she was with the 303 network and ask me to join the team as a model. i did podcast for a while then decided to take it as a career.

Dj king: When did you begin your professional modeling career and how did it feel

@mz_tastikakez: I started by taking pictures then people kept telling me i should model. my first job i landed was in a music video. it was for a local artist baby A. it when viral and from there i got more noticed by the entertainment industry

Dj king: What inspired you to become a model

@mztastikakez: I always wanted to be a model. i think when i seen eva from top model i wanted to be like her

Dj king: What is something you wish to bring or have brought into your modeling career that is different from the rest of your competition if there any:

@mztastikakez: I bring motivation and inspiration to models out here. that they can do anything you put your mind to. i created my own company and help other models to become stronger. i wanted to be the best modeling company in Colorado

Dj king: Is there a potential someone or are you with someone now, romantically

@mz_tastikakez: I’m talking to someone in the industry right now. which i’ll keep secret for now

Dj king: Can you tell me some of your experiences good or bad as a model

@mz_tastikakez: One of my Bad experiences i have had as a model is being taken advantage of. by those who use me and i never got paid for my work. i recently broke through this and now people know my worth

one of my good experience is getting to meet new people and those who are in the industry, to give advice on getting to the top. it’s nice to get out and meet new people who are a ready influencing the indusrtry

Dj king: Is there anything you would have done differently coming into your career as a model

@MZ_TASTIKAKEZ: I wouldn’t change anything that i have done. i believe everything i did was for a reason. it’s what got me here today i wish to become a famous model. who inspires those growing to be like me. i want to be a great influence among the women a like