DJ KING: Am with a next model call Nicky...full of energy Nicky How was you introduced into your modeling career?

 NICKY: I was introduced to modeling a few years back by my Momma Teresa aka Momma T she saw something in me and started taking pics of me and it all went up from there

DJ KING: When did you begin your professional modeling career and how did you feel? 

NICKY:  I started my career in modeling almost 6 years ago with being a dancer and model . My first major big event was All Star weekeing in Houston thanks to Kenny Boom and Marquise Diamond who started me and still work with to this date

DJ KING: What and who inspired you to become a model?

NICKY: Tyra Banks is the one model that inspired me the most she wasn't afraid to define the industry for her body type she made it ok for all woman of curves to be seen as beautiful

DJ KING: What is something you wish to bring or have brung into your modeling career that is different from the rest of your competition? If any? 

NICKY: I hope to bring variety and multi talents to the industry such as a promoter and model

DJ KING: Is there a potential someone or are you with someone right now, romantically? 

NICKY: Right now I am not romantically involved with anyone my main focus is my career and expanding my brand

DJ KING: Can you tell me some of your experiences good and bad as a model? 

NICKY: i have been all over the us like NYC, Chicago, Houston Dallas, Miami, LA, Atlanta most of my experiences have been amazing and learning experiences but best experiences was being body painted for artist such as DJ dram Dave east, Paul wall Trey Songz and ASAP rocky, 

DJ KING: What are your weaknesses and strengths as a model? 
                                                               NICKY: I feel my biggest weakness is self confidence i tend to be around others and let my esteem get the best of me. For Strengths i am a good networking model and i am not afraid to reach out to work with other people and i value my loyalty to brands and people that help me. 

DJ KING: Is there anything you would have done differently coming into your career as a model? 

NICKY: I would have tried to move to a bigger city a long time ago to try to advance my career and have more opportunities to get casting calls and jobs 

What do you wish to accomplish while in your career? 

NICKY: I would love to accomplish more success in being a model actress  and female promoter in the industry help other models like myself in smaller cites have a chance to be seen

DJ KING: The young teens who are thinking or beginning their career as a model, what would you wish to tell them being that you have the experience to teach them the do’s and don’ts?

 NICKY: I would tell the up and coming models that you have to invest in your career and invest in yourself, people aren't just going to come along and give you a deal you have to work hard for it and show your grind also to learn the ins and outs of the industry to gain better knowledge of where to exactly got in the industry that is best for them