DJ KING thank every body for stopping by we covering a event in NEWBURGH. we know we has to get this interview done. so we bring to y'all CASSIDY 

CASSIDY: thanks king and circle of kings radio for having me, am honor to be on such a radio site.

DJ KING:  thanks you very much,how was you introduced into your modeling career

CASSIDY: i was featured in a music video a few years a go. the videographer like my look. he ask me if he can shoot me. i love it and i"ve been doing it ever since

DJ KING: when did you begin your professional modeling career and how did you feel

CASSIDY: uuumm..late 2016.i felt good once i professional modeling cause from my first shoot i was in love.

 DJ KING: what and who else beside dj king inspired you....(laughing out loud)  to become a model

CASSIDY: .....(laughing out loud)  circle of kings radio you going to get dj king in trouble... (laughing out loud) but really  other models but i always want to model. i didn't have the confidence to go after my dreams. UN still i got older and learned to GNF.....(laughing)

DJ KING: what something you wish to bring or have bung into your modeling career that is different from the rest of  your competition

CASSIDY: am a exotic as well so different by d.n.a  but want to be the best in what am doing  wouldn't dj king want the same 

DJ KING: yes are you with someone now

CASSIDY: no am not

DJ KING: what do you want to accomplish while in  your career

CASSIDY: i want to be able to use as a stepping stone. be the best so be  on many magazine website and so on. while am doing that becoming the biggest thing  in exotic entertainment. got a two year plan to be a house hold name

DJ KING:  thanks for stopping by soon talk more.