DJ KING: Am here with a business owner  today. her name is shaneeka she has a shop call exquisite beauty supply?

SHANEEKA: Thanks king for having me. yes i do own exquisite beauty supply up in newburgh, NY

DJ KING:That what up like a independent lady. what made yo get in to hair business?

SHANEEKA: I was tried of paying these Koren my money to purchase hair once a week

DJ KING: Once a week you must be rich lol… mi want get a hair cut once a week lol just joking

SHANEEKA: Lol u funny king but for real. i love new hair styles, i love change. so if i can save my money and invest my money in hair. it would save me money and help my community out as well

DJ KING: How does it feel to be a independent women

SHANEEKA: It feel excellent to make my our hours and prices

DJ KING: What kind of advice would you give ladies that want to be in the hair business

SHANEEKA:Do what you love to do, something that makes you happy. something that you it always in demand

DJ KING: Yes well said thanks for your blessing  wish you all the best in your business….