DJ KING: Am here with a new sexy model….fellas are you ready..alley how did you get in the game

ALLEY BABY: Thank you king honestly since i was a little girl growing up. people always told me i should model or act, or something in the industry

DJ KING: When you professionally started modeling

ALLEY BABY: It was recently  when i decided, “okay alley, were going for it”. i started off having shoots with close Friends to get comfortable behind the camera. within the past 8 months I’ve been modeling for promotions to parties and events. i have always gotten rave reviews. so now I’m ready to take it to next level!

DJ KING: What made you want to be a model

ALLEY BABY: I wanted to do it because i really feel like i could be great at it. due to my height and pretty face people have always told me i would be amazing at it so I’m owning it to myself to at least give it a try.

DJ KING: Where do you see self in the industry

ALLEY BABY: In a few years i see myself being professional plus sized model. i also want to be greatest female promoter in Atalanta

DJ KING: Are you single

ALLEY BABY: Yes i am at this time of my life i’m not looking to be in a relationship

DJ KING: Thanks alley for coming by, thanks for doing the interview